Our new disruptive Technology

Monolith technology eliminates the need for conventional multi-part nozzles and is superior to them in every respect. After several years of research and development by use of artificial intelligence and real Industry 5.0 this new technology is ready for you the user of hot runner technology.

The perfect hot runner nozzle

First additively manufactured one-piece hot runner nozzle

Using 3D printing in the SLM process, we create a nozzle blank that is further processed into your perfect one-piece hot runner nozzle.
The MONOLITH® nozzle adapts perfectly to your specifications and processes.

Innovative insulation and heat-conducting system

Thanks to the design possibilities of 3D printing, geometries and insulation spaces can be realized which create a temperature balance clearly superior to conventional multi-part nozzles.

Energy consumption reduced up to 35%

The new geometries, this pays off. The low weight of the MONOLITH® nozzle in combination with the insulation and heat conduction system results in an enormous reduction of energy consumption. In this way, you actively reduce production costs and lower the CO² footprint of your products.

Perfectly customized for your process through AI

Modified by using artificial intelligence and 3D printed your MONOLITH® is created in real Industry 4.0. Algorithms generate the optimum one-piece hot runner nozzle for your application process, taking into account the selected plastic and the article geometry.

Optimized in weight
by means of intelligent
Hexagon technology

Ecological thinking and acting - environmentally friendly and sustainable, with the best possible use of the material, layer by layer your MONOLITH nozzle is created. The intelligent hexagon technology enables a weight-optimized design and maximum rigidity.

Variable number
and shape of
melt outlets

For the time being a customer-specific adaptation of the melt outlet is initially carried out in the 1-hole, 2-hole or 3-hole variants All melt-carrying channels and contact surfaces receive an optimal surface quality through machining. In the event of wear, the nozzle tip is printed in the respective variant at low cost.

Valve gate version
with seperate
needle guideing element

The separate needle guide element made of PM steel ensures a long service life of the ultra-precise needle guide.


captive screw

The movable fastening nut printed on the shaft offers you continuously adjustable positioning of the melt outlet. The MONOLITH® nozzle can thus be aligned rotationally as required.

Floating nozzle version
for large cavity spacing

Sliding-tight variant especially for high-cavity hot runner systems.Like the MONOLITH® nozzle, the sliding tight nozzle head is manufactured using the SLM process. Printed insulation gaps also ensure perfect insulation to the tool.

Monolith construction

The one-piece monolith construction in its design without a threaded sleeve or replaceable tip is inevitably leak-proof.


Additively manufactured pressure pieces made of hardened steel reduce the enrgy consumption of your hot runner manifold up to 52 % compared to commercially available pressure pieces made of titanium, depending on the application.

MONOLITH® | masterpieces – made for you

Why a new hot runner nozzle? What approach, what goals are behind this development?

We want to offer you a hot runner nozzle that can adapt perfectly and individually to your process. Leakage safety and minimal maintenance as well as servicing. A one-piece hot runner nozzle, perfectly modified like a tailor-made suit.

The MONOLITH® is currently available, printed in diameters 16, 20, 22, 24 and 28 as well as in freely selectable lengths.

MONOLITH®, the perfect nozzle for your process, user-friendly and low-maintenance.

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